Us 2 U Plumbing – Terms of Trade

1. Acceptance of a quotation provided to a customer, whether in writing or oral,
by Us 2 U Plumbing constitutes acceptance of these Terms of Trade.

2. The contractual provision of services to the customer is limited to that
specified within the quotation. All services will be provided to the standard
required by the laws of Western Australia which govern the provision of
plumbing workmanship.

3. Us 2 U Plumbing retains all copyright in quotations, invoices and written
reports prepared for customers. Those documents are not to be shared with
any competitor of Us 2 U Plumbing without prior written consent first being
obtained from Us 2 U plumbing. No document authorised by Us 2 U Plumbing
is to be published by the customer without prior written approval being
obtained from Us 2 U Plumbing.

4. Payment of all amounts invoiced to customers of Us 2 U Plumbing is to be
satisfied in full by the customer within 7 days of date of the invoice, unless
otherwise agreed between the customer and Us 2 U Plumbing.

5. Until payment of an invoiced amount is received in full, the legal title to any
goods supplied to the customer which have been purchased by Us 2 U
Plumbing will not pass to the customer. Further, upon non-payment occurring
in accordance with these Terms of Trade, Us 2 U Plumbing shall retain the
right to enter upon the customer’s premises, upon reasonable notice having
been provided, in order to retake possession of the goods supplied and to
remove those goods from the customer’s premises. The customer hereby
authorises such action by accepting these Terms of Trade and in addition,
hereby indemnifies Us 2 U Plumbing against any claim, action or damages
arising out of any such action and against the cost of the same.

6. If the customer of Us 2 U Plumbing defaults in payment, such payment being
due and payable 7 days after the invoice date (or 7 days after such otherwise
date as agreed between the customer and Us 2 U Plumbing), then all monies
owing to Us 2 U Plumbing shall become immediately due and payable and:

a. The outstanding invoiced amount may be subject to collection charges
which may automatically be added to the outstanding account and
interest at the rate set under Section 32 of the Supreme Court Act
(1932) (WA) may be claimed up to and including the date on which the
outstanding amount is paid in full; and

b. All expenses incurred by Us 2 U Plumbing in recovering the
outstanding debt, including such costs as solicitor costs, all debt
collectors fees, any fees associated with dishonoured cheques and all
other costs associated with recovery of the outstanding invoiced
amount, shall be a debt due and owing by the customer, payment of
which is hereby guaranteed by the customer.